Hazel Eyes title

An adoption story

Hazel Eyes title

An adoption story

Florencia Lalor

Florencia Lalor

Author, Idea & Project

She has a degree in psychology and specializes in adoption and trauma. She is also an adoptee. She graduated with honors from Universidad del Salvador, in Argentina, and completed a Master’s degree in Social Work, at Columbia University, in New York.

In 2018, Florencia founded La Voz del Hijo, a virtual space for adopted people from all over the world. Her goal is to give a voice to those people who were adopted and, as adults, do not feel understood or listened to. She hopes that society will recognize and validate that adoption has two faces: a sad one and a happy one.

Belén López Medus y María Casabal


They are psychologists specializing in infant-parental therapies. In 2018 they wrote together “I love you, always” fulfilling the dream of entering the homes of many, many families with a message of unconditional love. In 2020 Belén published “The day my mum turned into a dragon”.

They believe that books are a powerful tool that allows us to understand ourselves and others. Their greatest desire is to help generate more empathy and kindness in the world. And they believe that through stories this can be achieved.

Fátima Yedro - Ilustradora

Fátima Yedro


She is a visual artist born in Argentina. She studied Communication Sciences in Buenos Aires and then specialized in Illustration.

Nowadays she is mainly dedicated to watercolor. Together with water and brushes she has managed to express how she perceives the world with great sensitivity.

She currently lives and works in Madrid.

Book presentation at Abrazando Cuentos

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Now also the Kindle version in Spanish & English available on Amazon

Florencia Lalor

Belén López Medus

María Casabal


Fátima Yedro


Wonky Steverlynck

Design & Layout

Thanks to those who accompany us on this journey and share it with everyone!

A love story and an accompanying story.

A story that puts complex feelings into simple words.

A story that does not hide the pain but approaches it from a loving point of view. And that is the only way to be able to live it.

The value of a mother that is often forgotten. The importance of that little hole that we, the adopted children, have. And the difficult path of adoptive parents.

The pain and joy of three protagonists who walk this path with infinite love. Because there is no other way.

A happy ending that brings peace. Congratulations for the book! I loved it.

Agustina Piacentini

I have just read “ojos color café” (impeccable illustration and editing). It is a moving, encouraging and healing book that, with tenderness, realism, poetry and charm, listens to the voices with the heart and speaks to them from the heart, whether their readers are children or adults. Invaluable accompaniment for those who witness such an experience.

Congratulations and to all the collaborators!

Teresa Naveira

“This story has all the ingredients to build a mini-guide about the important things to keep in mind in adoptive parenthood.” (…) “it is a highly recommended story, not only for adopted children, but also for their adoptive parents, in it they can see reflected many of their desires and fears. “brown eyes” can help them to better understand their child.”

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Montse Lapastora

Director, Psicoveritas - Psychology and Adoption Center